When you refuse birth control

What form of birth control are you using?




You don’t use condoms, the pill,¬†or patch?




You got a girlfriend, boyfriend?


No girlfriend, boyfriend.


You never know these days.


You wonder why the hell the doctor assumed you were gay because you denied birth control. I mean, maybe you don’t have sex, physically can’t get pregnant, or prefer the withdrawal method? Whatever. It wouldn’t be the doctor’s business either way. You didn’t go to the doctors to discuss/get on birth control. But because it was a checkup and you’re a woman, you get asked about it. If you were a man, you wouldn’t.


We’re not the same

I’m blonde, she’s brunette
I’m tan, she’s white as a vampire
I like to go outside, she does not
I have green eyes, she has brown eyes
I’m 5’4, she’s 5’3
I’m 26, she’s 22
I’m a Scorpio, she’s a Pisces
I have tattoos, she does not

We have the same mother and father
I was older when they separated
We have the same job
and we’re from the same town
We have our nose pierced
mine is on the left
hers is on the right
I have a star shaped stud in
she took her circle stud out

I have a Bachelors degree in Creative Writing
she doesn’t plan to get a Bachelors in anything
We have Associate degrees
It took me longer to get it and I’ve gone to a different school
My AA was concentrated in Humanities
hers was concentrated in Social Science
I finished my entire AA online and got on Deans list numerous times
she did not

She had the same boyfriend since high school
I did not
I didn’t really have a boyfriend in high school
or friends for that matter

I’ve been with more people and had a far more questionable
love life
she’s been stable and committed in her relationship
they just got a house together

I’ve travelled to more places than she has
she choose not too
I’ve had more drunk experiences
she hasn’t really drank that much
I don’t drink much anymore
she still doesn’t either

She is vegan
I am not
I don’t most meat, however;
because I do not and have not really ever liked it

I am spiritual
I believe in Astrology, Paranormal, and Past lives
she does not
she has less faith
and interest in those things

I like History, especially Ancient and Philosophy
she doesn’t
I couldn’t tell you what she likes
the last thing I remembered is her making videos
with anime characters on Sony Vegas
or knitting something with my mother

I couldn’t tell you what songs she likes
all I know it is nothing I really listen too
and she most likely thinks and feels the same thing
about me

I joke about everything
she tends to be more serious
she doesn’t appreciate my jokes
and I continue to make them anyway
she is my sister and should understand
more so than the people who think
we are the same

Kind of shit I deal with


Yeah, you should NOT be okay with seeing your father’s penis but I’m not allowed to tell you my honest opinion about this. I’m supposed to act like this doesn’t disturb or annoy me when actually it does. If you’re serious, you should seek professional help. I can’t help you.


c d

Actually there is everything wrong with that but I’m not authorized to tell you that. If you’re seriously a grown man who likes your wife changing your diaper and talking baby talk to you, you have a serious problem. I hope you seek professional help for this issue, and if not; I hope your wife leaves you. No one woman should have to put up with this even though she supposedly likes it.


I will add those next to the pile of garbage I received about a father looking at his daughters boobs and a boy who wishes he could date his hot sister.
The question I have is: How long do you put aside your morals, beliefs, and standards to ‘help’ someone who is either abusing the service or can’t help themselves?

Yeah, I know (OF) him

I heard his name
I never spoke his name
I saw his face yet never thought anything of it
Couple years go by, I hear it again
He’s a former drug dealer and addict
that is friends with the former class clown
They never made it out of this town

I friended people
and dated guys that are not from
this place
they were from another country
or town miles away

I ask myself why…

The person for me isn’t a junkie
pervert, liar, scrub, or psychopath
that believes I’d date him because
I said, “Hi.”

The person for me is someone that
does something and doesn’t constantly
accuse me of doing something I am not doing
especially on social media which the people
from my town like to do

I ask myself why people here are like that
I remind myself it’s because they have
nothing better to do
I ask myself if I belong here
I say no
I never have and never will
I’ve been disconnected with this place
my entire life

Racist names

White soap

White bread

White cake

White sauce

White cheese


Black Friday

Black eye

Black list


Chinese bread

American bread

Italian bread

French bread

African bread

Russian bread




(I feel sorry for you bread, nobody understands you. Everyone wants to label you.)




Gym Pet Peeves

Here is the thing… I LOVE the gym, it is my second home! But, no home is perfect there is always a few things that bugs you once a while.


Locker rooms stink.

Someone sprayed way too much cheap perfume and/or took a massive shit.


Locker rooms too crowded.

You just want to get your stuff and leave.


People piss on the toilet seat.

Other stalls taken… you have to figure out a way not to let your ass touch that piss. Disgusting!


They didn’t wipe off the machine.

You have to clean off their sweat.


The steps on the machine are wet.

Someone wore wet sneakers. In turn, your feet also get to squeak on the machine unless you find another or clean it off yourself.


People have loud conversations.

One person is on the machine, the other is standing between the machine you are on and they are on. You have to turn your music up full of blast.

Doesn’t make you anymore a MAN or WOMAN.


-Quick to dislike a girl because she is attractive and skinny. She must be a ditz, have an eating disorder, a perfectionist, and slut. — Question is: What is wrong? Oedipus Complex?

-Quick to dislike someone because of their appearance, race, or sexual orientation — goes against your ‘views’ and what you classify as ‘normal’.

-Lying because you can.

-Taking the initiative to talk to a girl who clearly doesn’t want to talk to you, and trying to make her look bad because she ‘ignored’ you — really, you’re an internet stalker that’s why she wants nothing to do with you.

-Exposing team members who didn’t do their work — when you were the one ignoring their emails and phone calls.

-Drinking because your partner ‘is a bitch’ — wait, when is the last time you two talked? Three weeks?

-Hitting on some girl you don’t know — that girl is disgusted, like who are you?

Anything that you do that women do you deny.



-Posting a status on Facebook Twitter to attack another girl or group you don’t even know. You are hoping they will read in-between the lines and hear your message — but no, we know you’re another insane person on social media seeking attention.

-Talking badly about someone behind their back and spread rumors. Hoping they get paid back for that awful thing they supposedly did to you or someone else — really, it’s all in your head.

-Toying with a guy to get your ex or boyfriend to feel pain for something they did or said to you — really, it’s all in your head.

-Taking selfies.

-Wearing makeup.

-Calling someone out for something — so and so is crazy… so and so did this… and so and so said this. Better question is: What did you do?

-Disliking someone because they are pretty, skinny, fat, ugly, sexual orientation, race — what way? What is your problem as well?

Anything you do that men do and deny.

No, because that’s what they want.

Bend down on your knees

Tell them what they want to hear

Then you’re worth their time and worthy of their opporuntiy

Tell them lies

You’re great at this, you did this awesome thing better than anyone else


No you didn’t

You didn’t do a fucking thing beside follow exactly what everyone else was doing

Like a puppet.

Then you’re skecthy

You don’t have all these awesome references

Because you didn’t waste your time kissing other peoples asses

Who didn’t give a flying fuck about you.

The only thing you cared was to get money

To support yourself and move out on your own

It’s not like you’re competing against anyone

Or trying to be better

You’re just human

They don’t understand

They think you’re playing a game like they are

They may not understand but I understand

Who are they

Puppets controlled by puppets.

Why do we need to prove ourselves to liars?

When we are for real?

Can they prove to use they aren’t.

Do they have the credentials besides their fucking job, degree, and Facebook to prove it?

Probably not.

Plastic is plastic.

They forget millions of people can see through them.

They continue to think you’re wonderful.

Got news for them,

You’re fucked.

We’ve seen it all.

Ten days before Christmas and…

Three teenagers

involved in manslaughter

Hostage reports

Sexual abuse

People whining

about what they don’t have

mocking people behind their backs

taking a bunch of selfies

ignoring everything and everyone

else that is pure

Why can’t people…

just get over themselves

and stop hating and doing evil

I’m dreaming

but it’s ten days before Christmas

where are the good souls?

‘Masked’ culture. It’s a shame if we admit in public…

-Mental/physical abuse


…We wonder why so many people are quiet — or shocked when this person says/does this eccentric thing.
Not very many of us will talk to strangers — or get to know a little about them. Why? Because, that’s what our world has taught us to do. There’s billions of people in this world, that had/have more terrible lives than us. If we do speak — we take the risk of being ignored, attacked, annoyed, and harshly judged.

We don’t need that. Been there, done that. We don’t need to deal with that. We don’t want to be reminded of events. We are trying to let go. We don’t want shame. We just want to be happy…


So we’re masked.

Blend in. Keep your mouth shut.

Look like… act like… the people around you.

Only if you surround yourself with people with common interests… and isolate yourself

— you can be you.