Just my beliefs

If eating animals are wrong, why aren’t eating plants wrong?
They’re living, breathing things too. We don’t know if they think, feel, or speak. Because we can’t hear them, read their mind, or feel their pulse doesn’t mean they’re less of a living thing than we are.


I would vote for cockroaches for president before Trump.
Cockroaches can live through wars. If we elect cockroaches as our president, we’d have no other option then to get our shit together or leave the country. Something we need to do but haven’t had anything kick us in the ass yet.


What I eat isn’t due to my…
Lifestyle choice, religion, or how I was raised.

I eat what I want, when I want I don’t think that much about it. Maybe I had in the past when I had health/body issues. Obviously, I’m not going to touch something I don’t like or is loaded in fat and grease.

I’m not religious. Me eating not eating meat has nothing to do with me being Atheist, Christian, or Buddhist because I’m not. I’m sure some religions have diet restrictions set in them, don’t ask me because I walked out of my “World Religions” class in the beginning of my college career — it put me to sleep.

My mother raised me to eat right or whatever she put in front of me until I was a certain age. She stopped fighting with me to ‘eat right’ and let do what I want.


I think Astrology is a tool to help you understand yourself and people around you, it’s not an exact science or anything to live by.
I don’t care if you believe in Astrology or not — or how much you know about it. If you call me crazy or act like the sun sign is the most important factor in understanding yourself/someone/compatibility, I have little to no interest in talking to you. Closed minded or arrogant people piss me off.


I believe past life regressions help you understand where you come from but it’s not by any means, something to take to heart.
There is no evidence to say whether or not reincarnation is real — and you can’t worry so much about who you were or what you did in your past life it’s not who you are today.


Who people marry, what they do with their lives, or whatever is none of my concern/business.
We live in a fucked up time period and world where everyone needs to know everyone else’s business because of social media. Before social media, we went about our lives the natural way. Once people were out of lives, they were OUT. Sometimes we’d get a phone call or letter from them if they were anywhere significant in our life. If you “followed” someone the natural way, you’d be stalking them which is illegal.


Make it or Break it?

Laws of attraction? Everyone is different and don’t look for the same thing in their potential lovers. These are my make it/break it things. Don’t take this too seriously, I mean nothing by it. My only intention is to get you thinking about what your make it/break it.




Make it
Some facial hair

Break it
Looks like a pedophile


Make it
Nice short hair

Break it
Long hair


Make it
Nice arms

Break it
I have more muscles than him




Make it
Born a female

Break it
Use to be a man


Make it
Beautiful hair

Break it
Short hair or weird colors


Make it
Nice legs

Break it
Big muscular arms


Both genders


Make it
Are in good shape

Break it


Make it
Can have an interesting conversation with

Break it
Only knows about a few subjects


Make it
A sense of humor

Break it
Dry, boring


Make it
Is also a writer and/or creative type of person

Break it
Has an issue with writers and/or creative people


Make it
Likes to have fun and try new things

Break it
Would rather watch television all day


Make it
Doesn’t smoke, abuse drugs or alcohol

Break it
Smokes, abuses drugs or alcohol


Make it
No kids

Break it

Why I don’t want to get married or have kids.

Philosophy: You’re in a prison sentence once you decide to get married. You made a lifetime commitment. Once you have kids, you’re no longer in prison. Your life is completely over.



For me to get married, I need to find someone that fits me. I mean, really fits me. I can’t be with someone if I know I’m not going to be happy or annoyed 24/7. That’s not a healthy relationship.

At the point I am at in my life right now I can’t think about marriage. I haven’t exactly came to my full, to accept another person’s full. I can love all I want, I just can’t make that big of a commitment.



Kids generally annoy me. It’s not that I hate them or am a bad person, it’s just I have no patience. Yelling and crying sets me off. I can’t imagine having to take care of one.

If I were to get pregnant right now, I would get an abortion. It sounds bad but hey, I have to be honest with myself. I am no position to have a kid right now nor do I want one. I don’t think bringing a child in my chaos, unhappiness, instability, and confusion is best for the child either. I would be automatically setting the child up for a difficult life. Maybe a child ten years from now, who knows — and if I even want one. I don’t know.

Valentines Day.

I don’t want…

Flowers, a card, chocolate, or jewelry.

Flowers die.

The words on the card aren’t written by you.

Chocolate makes me fat.

A necklace or ring is pretty.

I will wear it once and forget about it.


I want…


Something from YOU.

Make me a card, write me a poem, paint me a picture, make me dinner

— I don’t care.

It comes from YOU.

Not something from the store.

It means nothing.


Spend TIME with me.

Away from all responsibilities.

You don’t have to spend money, we can go for a walk.

We can even give each other massages all day — I don’t care.


All I want.

All I need.



Remind me why we fell in love in the first place.

It wasn’t influenced by anything commercial or generic.

It was two people, us…

Who let our walls down.


Thoughts on Buying Textbooks

Do I really need it?

Spend $100 on a textbook and only do two assignments out of it. Why bother? Especially when I could probably read it online for free somewhere.


I’m taking an online course.

I’m not ordering a book from Amazon and waiting for it to come here. If it’s not in the bookstore, then I am going to drop the course — and find one where I can rent an e-book.


Rather get the E-book.

If you have money to spend a ridicouls amount on a book you will never read again, go ahead. I don’t. If I know I can save 10-$50 on it, that’s what I am going to do.


If I can’t get a textbook…

Take the course without it. NO, I’m kidding. There’s no way you can pass a course without it, unless you’re some kind of genius or something. If I can’t find a textbook, I’ll just drop the course and find something else to fill the gap.

…I’m sure as hell not a genius or the best memorizer in the world — hell, I can’t read my own notes.

Gym Pet Peeves

Here is the thing… I LOVE the gym, it is my second home! But, no home is perfect there is always a few things that bugs you once a while.


Locker rooms stink.

Someone sprayed way too much cheap perfume and/or took a massive shit.


Locker rooms too crowded.

You just want to get your stuff and leave.


People piss on the toilet seat.

Other stalls taken… you have to figure out a way not to let your ass touch that piss. Disgusting!


They didn’t wipe off the machine.

You have to clean off their sweat.


The steps on the machine are wet.

Someone wore wet sneakers. In turn, your feet also get to squeak on the machine unless you find another or clean it off yourself.


People have loud conversations.

One person is on the machine, the other is standing between the machine you are on and they are on. You have to turn your music up full of blast.

Guys, this is why we cheat.

Something is not right.

Get the vibe you are cheating.


You’re playing games.

Purposely withholding attention as a form of punishment for something that bothered them.


The sex sucks.

There is little to none. You seem uninterested, and couldn’t care a less about it.


The communicate sucks.

Don’t know what you think or feel. I can’t tell you my thoughts or feelings, you seem uninterested or quick to judge or pass it off as pointless.


Lack of attention.

Doesn’t acknowledge or appreciate the work I do. I could be the president of the United States, you would still sit around and say, “Okay.”



We can’t really go anywhere or do anything because limited money. I want adventure and fun, and I can’t get it.


Too much conflict.

Arguments, and a million other things going on.



It feels like I am the only one putting forth the effort to sort out our problems. I am changing my method, ways, thoughts, and feelings about things —  I haven’t seen you do anything.


Testing the waters.

Think I found someone better, and we may actually have something in common. I don’t want to dump you because it may not work out with the other guy.


Doesn’t make you anymore a MAN or WOMAN.


-Quick to dislike a girl because she is attractive and skinny. She must be a ditz, have an eating disorder, a perfectionist, and slut. — Question is: What is wrong? Oedipus Complex?

-Quick to dislike someone because of their appearance, race, or sexual orientation — goes against your ‘views’ and what you classify as ‘normal’.

-Lying because you can.

-Taking the initiative to talk to a girl who clearly doesn’t want to talk to you, and trying to make her look bad because she ‘ignored’ you — really, you’re an internet stalker that’s why she wants nothing to do with you.

-Exposing team members who didn’t do their work — when you were the one ignoring their emails and phone calls.

-Drinking because your partner ‘is a bitch’ — wait, when is the last time you two talked? Three weeks?

-Hitting on some girl you don’t know — that girl is disgusted, like who are you?

Anything that you do that women do you deny.



-Posting a status on Facebook Twitter to attack another girl or group you don’t even know. You are hoping they will read in-between the lines and hear your message — but no, we know you’re another insane person on social media seeking attention.

-Talking badly about someone behind their back and spread rumors. Hoping they get paid back for that awful thing they supposedly did to you or someone else — really, it’s all in your head.

-Toying with a guy to get your ex or boyfriend to feel pain for something they did or said to you — really, it’s all in your head.

-Taking selfies.

-Wearing makeup.

-Calling someone out for something — so and so is crazy… so and so did this… and so and so said this. Better question is: What did you do?

-Disliking someone because they are pretty, skinny, fat, ugly, sexual orientation, race — what way? What is your problem as well?

Anything you do that men do and deny.

Thoughts on Fall

20 years ago…
All I can remember is being Wonder-Woman.

17 years ago…
A princess trick or treating.

16-10 years ago…
The same thing. Pretty trees, bipoloar weather, apples and pumpkins — and a bunch of vampire, witch, and fairy costumes. I loved my Goosebumps and Halloween movies/shows. It was not October if I didn’t watch Hocus Pocus or Halloween Town.

5 years ago…
Not a thing. It was boring.

3 years ago…
-I ended a bad relationship with my ex after I spilled his beer during a bonfire.
-I met my boyfriend. Our first date was walking in the park. It was cold and rainy. The trees were still beautiful. We made-out under a bridge — and in his van. Later he asked me to be his girlfriend. I said I had to think about it…

Warm/cold sunny or rainy weather. The trees changing colors. The smell in the air. The awesome movies, decorations, and food — and a time to fall in love, over and over again.

I do not classify myself as…


I’m attracted to both sexes. Physically, emotionally, etc.
Will I do anything with/date the same sex? I don’t know. I can’t label myself for that reason — and the fact I don’t like labels.



I don’t understand feminism. I don’t want to be a feminist. I don’t want to carry that label. To be equal, means NOT to have labels of any kind.


A Blonde.

It’s my hair color and who really… Calls you a blonde anymore these days? I would expect it when I was growing up in the 90s.


Anything people think of me.

I know what I am. I don’t need someone to tell me I’m stupid, awkward, weird, quiet, strange, annoying, etc. I’m not perfect… Neither are you.