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Facebook and Twitter Etiquette For Dummies



Who to add…

People you actually know or met. There’s no problem adding ‘fans’ or ‘strangers’ if you know they aren’t some psychopath, criminal, or pervert — and you actually talked to them somewhere.


Try not to add…

Colleagues, professors, bosses, or co-workers. It is weird for them, and it is weird for you. If you do, do both of you a favor and don’t complain about work, life, or relationships. You have to be ‘professional’.


Avoid comments turning into a…

Private message or forum. Then everyone gets to know your business, thoughts, and feelings. That’s not something you want…


Status overload…

Selfies, rants, videos, or articles. Although some people like it, not everyone is going to. And yeah, yeah… there’s that whole ‘I don’t care if they like it or not’ — and right you shouldn’t!

…You’re entitled to your thoughts, feelings, and what you put out there. You don’t need to constantly share it with people who may be shallow or just not care.






Whoever you want.



Whatever you want. But if you’re posting twenty tweets every hour maybe you need to rethink…


Don’t post…

Whatever you want. You know you’re reaching more people then Facebook, right? If you start hate talking people, spreading conspiracies, and terror — the government will find you.


Telling people to follow you…

They will follow you. It’s okay, it’s fine for business — a lot of people have done it. However, there’s people that become OBSESSED with how many followers they get. It becomes a drug. It can turn a good person into a narcissistic, just like Facebook.



Facebook and Twitter…


This is just words from a persons experience. Everyone is different.

…How obsessed are you with getting likes, comments, tweets, and re-tweets?

What. Why.
Who cares? You shouldn’t care.
They don’t really care.
You know who cares…

Why I am mentally challenged on the Internet

I don’t know my own password.

It is the same for half my accounts, I still don’t get it.


I don’t know the answers to my security questions.

I don’t know what city I was born in because I wrote, “daklhdfkdlsjfds,” in the box.


I get my email address wrong.

I have way too many. It shouldn’t surprise me they won’t accept


I post photos I don’t like.

Then delete them within five minutes or the next day. It looks stupid… what was I thinking?


I post status’ I don’t like.

Then delete them within a couple hours or the next day. It sounds stupid and I look stupid for saying it… I knew it but posted it anyways.


I watch the same video.

Over, over, over, and over again like I got some sick obsession with it or OCD. But it’s fun….


I deactivate my account to reactive it.

I don’t know, I got annoyed… but hey at least I can claim to be gone for a month so I look less insane.


I write a blog post and delete it.

It was stupid… or I did it by accident when I was trying to edit it. How do I manage that… need some psychologist/computer expert to explain.


Stuff I look up on Google…

What are the signs of a psychopath?… Why is my boyfriend not talking?… Why does having my nose pierced mean?… Who is stalking me on the internet?… What are the signs of a Bi-Polar?… What are signs he is cheating on you?… How many parts are in a paint? … Is my boyfriend a psychopath?… What is a sociopath? … How to tell if your boyfriend is a sociopath?

Asssessment: Reactivate Facebook

It’s been days
I can’t help but wonder…

What has changed?
What have I missed?


Same people posting selfies.
Same people crying and complaining.
Same people posting quotes and preaching.

Ah, I remember…

These people aren’t my ‘friends’ or ‘family’
My friends would have texted me when I was gone
My family I have been with most of this time

Not on social media

Oh and my ‘mate’

I been with the past three days, came home today.

(Surprise, just because I’m posting things… doesn’t mean I don’t have a life.)

Did I tell the world? No.

Did he? No.

…Now back to the drawing board…


The Real Drawing Board…


Deactivate Facebook = Sanity



It’s been two days.

I feel like a parasite has been removed from my brain.

I can think and feel. Oh my god. I’m not a robot, I’m a human being.

I’m redirecting my focus on other things.

So Facebook = Faceless much better.

Not pretending to be what I’m not for strangers.

Not hiding who I am for strangers.

I know who my real friends are.

I am happier in the real world.

You should be too.

The Truth

You taught us from a young age to shut up.
If we say something we sound dumb or look insane.
… Get mocked and publicly shamed for it.

You taught us we do not matter.
Why defend our case, why tell you what is really going in our lives?
Even if you sound like you care, you probably don’t.
… You have your own lives, why do you care about ours? You don’t.

It’s best to be invisible.
To avoid all the nonsense and bullshit that comes with speaking.
People pretending to care, people using you, and misunderstanding.
… It’s best they think what they want, they’re ignorant anyways.

We are all useless.
There’s people better than us everywhere.
We do not matter.
Just another human being. But hey, we have freedom of speech if we dare pretend our voices matter and we are important.

Though heaven forbids us…
If we do, if we say
We think we are entitled
We are no better than all the other nut jobs in the world.

We all are
full of shit
Why pretend?
Why fucking care?

Keep to ourselves.
Do our own thing.
Mute everyone else out.
… They do the same thing to us

If you’re not on my side
I will burn you in the future
Society taught me too
If you’re fake or try to use me
I can see right through you
Can’t say I never warned you
It’s an ugly game
I won’t help you
You’re on your own
You are also worthless
…How does it feel now? To be invisible
I don’t give a flying fuck about you.

Truth about college.


The place you will be able to reinvent yourself, meet new friends, and develop a career path.



Reinvent yourself. No one knows who you are. Hell, you don’t even know who you are. You can pretty much say and do what you want until you start getting bored or seeing peoples true colors…

Meet new friends. More like pets you go places/do things with. Some people you stay in touch with after, some you don’t. Or you simply just do not care about making friends in the first place, and spend all your free time doing schoolwork, by schoolwork — procrastinating on the internet or doing god knows what.

Develop a career path. Go to school to learn a trade. It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re good at it or will come out to anything. And it’s not just you, it’s all the other factors that come into play. But, it will give you some little extra money if you end up working at McDonalds the rest of your life.


Nobody tells you…

The amount of ridiculous people they meet. By ridiculous, I’m talking about how they act in real life AND on the internet. I can honestly, name only a few of my Facebook friends that are ‘normal’. By normal I mean, they are not narcissists. Majority of them act like they ‘like’ you in real life, or they ignore you online and in real life until you post some small accomplishment you did. It’s like — okay you did something cool, if you become famous or well off remember me after you leave. I think not… bitch. Needless to say, I also heard many people talk about other people behind their back like it’s high school.

Think college is awesome? It can be. Just remember, it’s more people in a madhouse acting like teenagers. And it’s not just the students, it’s also the professors. Even the professors gossip and talk about other professors and students.

Twitter vs. Facebook: Which one is better?

To go nuts: (if you’re not a celebrity)

You know few — if any of your followers in real life. You can rant all you want. But if you’re an asshole, you should probably keep your mouth shut…


Indulge in your social media habit: (without family/friends/acquaintances looking over your shoulder)


Share things with people you actually know/knew:


Be less clustered with ideas:

‘Unfollowing’ from news-feed makes it easy.


BOTH websites are great: they allow you to share things that no one really cares about.


Which one is better?

Your preference — I mean, poison.

Things I don’t care about.

You want to talk about feelings, relationships, and problems in the world — unfollow. I don’t know you. I’m aware. Leave me alone.

Don’t know you. You like my nonsense — cool. Whatever.

It’s just a fucking picture.

Other social media websites.
Really don’t give a shit.

Unless I’m required to be somewhere, I don’t have to be.

Line at Dunkin’ Donuts is too long? Go to the one down the street.

Not talking.
I don’t have anything to say. Be thankful I’m quiet. If I talked, it probably wouldn’t be nice — or too eccentric.

Your opinion.
Been there, done that. Fuck off.

“I think I’m in love, what should I do?”

The first thing you can do is… Not post that on Facebook. It’s public, everyone can see it. You don’t know what he/she will think when they see it.


Second… Well, I thought this was obvious — just be yourself. If they don’t
like it, move on. Life is too short. There’s way too many fish in the sea.


Third… If you “think” you are “in love” how could you be in love? You feel love. You can’t love with your mind — unless you’re in love with his/her image.


Lastly… Are you looking for love? Do you have a deep desire to love/be loved right now? If you do, the chances are this is — all in your mind. Love happens when you least expect it — when you aren’t looking for anything.